What is a Companion Card?

The Victorian Companion Card program helps people with disabilities to get fair access to events and activities which need a ticket. If you show your Companion Card when you book or buy a ticket, you sometimes can get an extra ticket free. This ticket must be used for a person who will provide you with care and support at the event or activity (like a carer).

You can get a Companion Card if you have a permanent disability that stops you accessing most activities and places in the community without support (like a carer).

The law does not force companies and organisations to accept the Companion Card. But lots of organisations accept the Companion Card to help them follow the laws called the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. This includes all public transport in Victoria.

You can find out if an organisation accepts the Companion Card by asking, looking on the internet, or looking for the Companion Card sign. You can use your Victorian Companion Card in all other states and territories in Australia.

There are a few things you can do if an organisation does not accept Companion Card.