What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance can protect you from costs that might come from things that happen when you are travelling. Most people only get travel insurance when they go outside Australia. But you can also get travel insurance when you travel in Australia.

There are two main types of travel insurance.

Medical travel insurance can help to pay for the costs if you get sick or hurt when you are away. It can help pay for things like doctors or hospital costs.

Non-medical travel insurance can help to pay for other things like:

  • Lost or damaged bags and equipment
  • Things that are stolen
  • Travel that is cancelled or late because of things you can’t control (like natural disasters or transport services being cancelled)

If any of these things happen to you, you can ask the insurance company for money to help pay for the costs. This is called ‘making a claim’ or ‘claiming’.

Some companies will try not to give you travel insurance, not give you travel insurance for certain things, or make you pay more for travel insurance, just because you have a disability. There are rules about when they can do this. Sometimes, it is discrimination, and the law says they can’t do it. Other times, the law says they can.

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