What are my rights in hotels, motels and hostels?

The Disability Discrimination Act is a law which protects the rights of people with disabilities. It means that services need to be accessible to people with disabilities if they are to people without disabilities. This includes access to hotels, motels and hostels. Together these places are called travel accommodation.

You have the same rights as a person without a disability to access and stay in travel accommodation. This means:

  • You can’t be stopped from staying in travel accommodation just because you have a disability
  • A travel accommodation service should have rooms and other areas available that are accessible to people with disabilities (for example, rooms with wheelchair-accessible toilets)
  • You can’t be charged more than somebody without a disability for a room or any other service
  • You can’t be stopped from having your assistance animal stay in the room with you
  • You can’t be put on the bottom of a travel accommodation waiting list just because you have a disability
  • You can’t be treated worse by the travel accommodation than somebody without a disability. For example you can’t be given a room that is dirtier, uglier or less comfortable than a room for somebody without a disability.

If you think a travel accommodation service is treating you badly because of your disability, you can complain. You can also complain if you think the accommodation service is not doing what it should to be accessible. Depending on what the problem is, the service might be discriminating against you. They might even be breaking the law.

You can complain to the travel accommodation service or the company that is in charge of it. Or you can complain to the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

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