Will travel insurance pay if my disability equipment is lost or damaged by an airline?

A lot of non-medical travel insurance will pay to fix or replace things which are lost, stolen or broken when you travel. Normal travel insurance will only give you money for things that cost less than a certain amount. For example, they might only give you $2000, even if the stuff that was lost, stolen or broken costs more than that. The amount is different for different types of insurance. You need to check with each company.

If you are travelling with expensive disability things (equipment), like a mobility aid, you might need extra insurance in case something happens to it. This means you pay more for your travel insurance, but you will get a lot more money back if something bad happens to your stuff.

If an insurance company is not giving you money to fix or replace your stuff and you think they should, you can complain to the company. If this doesn’t work, then you can go to Consumer Affairs Victoria for help.

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