Does a transport service have to pay if it losses or damage my disability equipment?

Sometimes your disability equipment might be lost or damaged by a transport service. For example, you might have a wheelchair that is kept with normal bags in a plane, but is broken when you get it back.

If this happens, the law say that the transport service should pay some money for your equipment to be fixed, or pay for new equipment. This is called ‘compensation’.

Transport services might ask you to sign something which says that they don’t have to pay if your equipment is lost or damaged (called a ‘waiver’). The law says they can’t make you sign something like this. But even if you do sign it, the law might say that it doesn’t count.

To make sure a transport service will pay if something happens to your equipment, you need to plan ahead. This will help you prove that the equipment was damaged by the transport service.

If you have planned ahead, you will then be able to ask for compensation. You will also be able to complain if the transport service doesn’t help you. You can complain to the transport service. If this doesn’t help, you can complain to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

You can get extra protection for lost and damaged equipment by buying travel insurance. Some travel insurance might also help pay for costs that come from not having your equipment.

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