Salima complains about a doctor

Salima is 19 years old. She went to see a doctor, to talk about her physical disability. Salima had to pay a lot of money to see this doctor. She needed the doctor to give her a prescription because her medication was running out. The doctor didn’t have the right piece of paper to give her. So he promised he would get the paper and send it to her two days later.

Two weeks later, the doctor had not sent the prescription. Salima rang the doctor’s office, and asked for the prescription. The person on the phone said Salima couldn’t speak to the doctor without coming in for an appointment and paying. Salima decided to complain to the doctor. She wrote a letter explaining how the doctor hadn’t done what he promised.

The doctor wrote a letter to Salima and apologised that he had not sent her the prescription. He sent her the prescription, and gave her back the money she paid. But Salima was upset because the doctor also sent a copy of his response to her GP without asking her if it was OK. She was embarrassed and worried that her GP would think bad things about her for being a ‘complainer’. She also didn’t want the letter to be in her medical record. She was worried other doctors would see it and treat her badly for complaining.

She spoke to her GP. He agreed that the letter should not have been sent to him, and that the other doctor did not respect Salima’s privacy. He agreed to delete the letter from her medical records so nobody else would see it.

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