Max advocates for fair pay

When Max was 20 years old he got a new job working in a school office doing typing and other office work. Max was using a disability employment service to find a job, but was really excited to find this new job on his own.

Before starting his new job, Max and his boss talked about how much Max would be paid for every hour he worked. Max has a physical disability called muscular dystrophy. Hs disability means he types a little slower than other people.

Max had lots of helpful work skills, and wanted to be paid the same amount that a person without a disability would get doing his job. Max’s boss seemed to think this was a good idea too. But she wasn’t sure how much was a fair amount. So she asked Max to go away and think about what pay would be fair.

Max told his employment service about the new job. They told him he should use the Supported Wage System. This would mean he would be paid less than a person without a disability for the same job. Max didn’t want this, but he wasn’t sure if he had to say yes. So Max had a meeting with an advocate from the Youth Disability Advocacy Service. They explained that he didn’t have to use the Supported Wage System if she didn’t want to. The advocate also helped him write a letter to his employment service.

Max is now loving his job and getting paid the same amount that a person without a disability would get.

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