Heidi plans for a puppy

More than anything in the world, 19 year old Heidi wanted a dog. She knew exactly which dog she wanted. She had saved up the money to buy the dog, and all she needed was some support to look after it. So Heidi called the Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) for help.

Heidi lives in a flat that is owned by the government (social housing). Because of her disability, Wendy also has an Individual Support Package (ISP) that pays for carers to come to her home to support her with things like showers and cooking.

Heidi’s advocate helped her to talk to the agency where her carers work about getting a dog. The agency said it was OK for Heidi’s carers to help her look after the dog. For example, they could help to refill the dog’s water bowl.

If Heidi got a dog, it would need a dog door so it could go outside on its own. A YDAS advocate helped Heidi to talk to the people who manage the building she lives in. Together, Heidi and her advocate explained that the dog was really important to Heidi’s health, and to help her cope with her disability. They explained that Heidi has the right to make changes to her apartment to help manage her disability, as long as she find a way to pay for them and changes them back when she moves out. The people managing Heidi’s building agreed that the dog door was important for helping Heidi to manage her disability. So they let her get a dog door put in.

With all of the right plans in place, Heidi was able to get her beautiful dog Bella.

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