Gina gets support to have sex

Isaac and Gina are boyfriend and girlfriend. They both use wheelchairs, and they both need carers to help them get in and out of bed. Gina lives in her own house, but Isaac lives with a lot of other people. Isaac and Gina wanted to be able to have sex and sleep together in the same bed, but they needed some help to get in and out of bed. They wanted to have sex at Gina’s house, because it was more private.

Gina has an Individual Support Package (ISP) which pays for a carer to come to Gina’s house twice a day to get her in and out of bed. Gina asked the agency if her carers could help Isaac in and out of bed too, so he could stay overnight. At first the agency said no. They said Gina’s ISP was only there to pay for her, and not to support somebody else.

Gina believed that her ISP should support her right to a healthy sexual relationship. So she had a meeting with the agency that provides her carers. She told them that the carer was being paid for enough time to get both her and Isaac in and out of bed. She explained that the money is to support her needs, and that a good sex life is an important part of her needs. The agency agreed that the carer could help her and Isaac in and out of bed.

Because Gina advocated for herself, she and Isaac can now enjoy a great sex life in the privacy of Gina’s home.

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