Ruby asks the police for help

Ruby’s disability sometimes makes her do things that are hard for other people to understand. Sometimes, when people don’t understand how to engage with Ruby, they can get frustrated and even angry.

Ruby is 16. She used to live with her aunty. But Ruby’s aunty got angry and told Ruby to leave the house and not come back. So Ruby moved into a respite house for people with disabilities.

Even after Ruby left home, her aunty would still come to her school. Sometimes she would yell nasty things and threaten Ruby. Other times she would yell at Ruby’s teachers. This made Ruby feel scared and not safe at school.

Ruby’s teacher helped her contact the Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS). The people at YDAS listened to Ruby so they could understand what she wanted. They talked about Ruby’s right to feel safe and not to be treated badly (abused) by anybody.

Together Ruby and her YDAS advocates decided to ask the police about getting an intervention order against Ruby’s aunty. An intervention order would mean that a judge in a court would tell Ruby’s aunty that she can’t come near Ruby, her home or her school anymore.

YDAS helped Ruby talk to the police, and also supported her when she went to court to tell the judge about the problems with her aunty. The judge gave Ruby the intervention order. Ruby’s aunty stopped coming to her school, and Ruby felt safe again. She knows that if her aunty does the wrong thing, she can call the police and they will help her.

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