Can a support worker demand permission from my parents before I see a sex worker?

A sex worker is somebody who you pay to do sexual things with you. A sex worker is sometimes called a ‘prostitute’.

The law in Victoria says that you can have sex with a sex worker if all three of these things are true:

  • You are 18 or older
  • Both the sex worker and you agree to have sex
  • The sex worker has a licence to work as a sex worker

If you are 18 or older (and the sex worker says yes), you don’t need anybody else to say yes before you can see a sex worker. This means a support worker can’t demand that your parents say it is OK for you to see a sex worker.

Your support worker has to keep things that you tell them private. This means that they can’t tell your parents that you went to see a sex worker or asked to see one.

If your support worker is demanding permission from your parents before you can see a sex worker, or tells somebody else that you saw a sex worker, you can contact the Youth Disability Advocacy Service for help and more information. You can also complain to the Disability Services Commissioner.

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