What kind of secrets should I not keep?

Sometimes your family or friends might ask you to keep a secret. There are some secrets that are OK to keep. But there are some secrets that you should talk about with another adult that you trust

These are some examples of the kinds of secrets that are OK to keep:

  • A surprise for somebody (for example a surprise birthday party or present).
  • If somebody tells you something private about themselves, and they are not in danger. For example if your friend tells you they are gay and they do not want other people to know. Or if somebody tells you they take medication for something.
  • Any other secret that is not about somebody hurting you or somebody who you know getting hurt.

These are some examples of the kinds of secrets that you should not keep:

  • If somebody hurt you or is treating you badly. For example, if your parents or support worker hits you, takes your wheelchair away or does not give you enough food.
  • If somebody sexually abused you. You can find out about what this means on this website.
  • If you saw or know that one of these things is happened to somebody else.
  • If you are thinking about hurting or killing yourself.
  • If somebody you know tells you that they are thinking about hurting or killing themselves or somebody else.

You do not have to keep these things secret. You can’t get in trouble from the law for telling. You can tell these kinds of secrets to an adult who you trust. You can do this even if the person who the secret is about said that something bad will happen if you tell. You can also talk to a counsellor or call Kids Help Line or Lifeline for help.