What can I do if my carer or support worker is treating me badly?

You have the right to be treated well by the people who care for you and help you (for example, mum, dad, foster parent or support worker). The law says that there are some things that carers and support workers are not allowed to do to you. You can read a list of these things on this website. These things are wrong.

If your carer or support worker is doing things to you that are wrong, it is not your fault. You can get help. The kind of help you can get depends on who is treating you badly and what they are doing.

If you are not safe right now, you can call 000 on a phone.

If you are being treated badly by anybody who is supposed to look after you (including a parent, step parent, foster parent, other family member, teacher, carer or support worker), you can talk to an adult you trust. You can also talk to a counsellor, doctor, teacher, nurse or adult friend. Or you can ring Kids Help Line or Lifeline for information and help. You can keep telling and asking for help until somebody helps you.

There are some secrets that adults can’t keep. For example, if somebody in your family is not looking after you, or is hurting you. If you tell an adult this kind of secret, they will have to tell another adult who will keep you safe. For example, they might tell the police.

If the person who treated you badly is a support worker, you can also complain to the Disability Services Commissioner. An advocate can help you do these things. You can contact the Youth Disability Advocacy Service to talk to an advocate.