Who is not allowed to discriminate against me because of my sexuality or gender identity?

The law says that any person who works for an organisation, business or whose job it is to help you usually cannot discriminate against you because you are:

People can’t discriminate against you if they work in these areas:

  • Disability services, health services or Community Residential Units (CRUs) (for example a support worker or physiotherapist).
  • Bars, clubs, pubs or restaurants (for example the door person at a night club)
  • Schools, universities or TAFEs (for example teachers, school support worker or principals)
  • Workplaces (for example your manager and co-workers)
  • Clubs (for example the organiser of your Scout or Guide group)
  • Buying, selling and renting houses (for example a landlord or real estate agent)
  • Local government (for example a house cleaner from your local council)
  • Sport (for example a basketball couch or a lifeguard at the swimming pool)
  • Selling things and services (for examples, people who work at government departments, hospitals or medical centres, shops, cafes, cinemas, banks, insurance companies, superannuation companies)

There are some special times when these rules don’t apply. You can find more information about who can and can’t discriminate against you by contacting the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission.