What kinds of things would be discrimination if I am gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual or questioning?

The law says that people can’t treat you badly because of your sexuality if their job is to help you. Examples of sexuality are being gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual or questioning. If somebody treats you unfairly because of these things, this is discrimination. Discrimination is against the law.

Some examples of discrimination are:

  • Not getting a job because the employer knows or thinks that you are gay.
  • Your public school not letting you bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to a school dance because they are the same sex as you.
  • Your doctor not answering your questions about sex because of your sexuality
  • Your support worker not helping you get dressed for a date because of your sexuality.
  • Police giving you a hard time for holding hands with or kissing a boyfriend or girlfriend who is the same sex as you.

The law says that there are some special situations when people treat you differently. If you think somebody is discriminating against because of your sexuality, you can contact the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission for more information or to complain.