How can I prove my age if I don’t have a drivers licence?

There are lots of different reasons you might need to prove your age. For example, you might be able to get a cheaper ticket to an event. Or you might want to go to a place or event for people aged 18 and over (like a bar or an R-rated film).

A lot of people use a drivers licence to show that they are 16, 17, 18 or older. But if you don’t have a drivers licence, there are other ways you can show how old you are.

Lots of things might have your birthday on them. For example your school card or a club membership card. But not all of these things are good enough to prove how old you are. Some people can make fake cards like this. So some places where you go might not accept all of the cards ways you could show your age.

But there are three ways of proving your age that are accepted at most places.

A passport or drivers licence should be accepted everywhere in Australia. Keypass is accepted in most places. These places often have a sign saying they accept Keypass. You can get a Keypass or passport even if you can’t drive, or are not 18 yet.

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