What are the different types of housing I can live in?

There are three main types of housing that you can live in. Which one you choose depends on your needs are, how much money you have, and what you want. The main types of housing are:

Private housing

This is a house, flat or apartment that is owned by one person, a couple, a family or a company. But it is not owned by the government. If you live in a private house that you or your family do not own, you usually have to pay rent to live there.

Public housing

This is a house, flat or apartment that is owned by the government. These are usually for people who do not have enough money to rent or buy private housing. Public housing can also be for people with a disability who cannot find a house to rent that meets their disability needs.

Supported housing or Community Residential Units (CRUs)

These are houses, flats or apartments set up for people with a disability to live in. You can live in a CRU if you need a lot of support to live on your own. Support workers in CRUs help people who live there with things like showers, getting dressed, shopping, cooking, eating and other things at home.

The government owns CRUs and gives money to disability organisations to manage the house and hire support workers to work there. You have to pay a residential charge to live in a CRU.


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