What are my rights if I live in a Community Residential Unit (CRU)?

A Community Residential Unit (CRU) is a house set up for people with a disability to live in. CRUs are for people who need a lot of support to live on their own. Support workers take turns to help the people who live in CRUs. CRUs are owned by the government and run by disability organisations.

If you live in a CRU, the people who work there (for example support workers and managers) have to treat you well.

This means that you have the right to:

  • Feel safe in your home, without any body hurting you or bullying you.
  • Move around your home.
  • Have a support worker to help you eat, go to the toilet, have a shower and do other things you need help with.
  • Go out and do things you want to do. For example, you can go to TAFE, uni or work. You can go out with your friends.
  • Make decisions about things in your life.
  • Complain about something you are not happy about.

People working in your CRU usually can’t:

  • Tell your other people things that you ask them not to.
  • Go into your room if you don’t want them to (except if they think somebody in there needs help.
  • Force you to take tablets or have other medical treatment when you don’t want to (there are some special times when they can do this).
  • Treat you badly because of your age, gender, culture, religion or relationships.
  • Treat you badly if you complain about something.

If you are being treated unfairly in your CRU, you can complain to the manager. You can also complaint to the Disability Services Commissioner. You can ask for a Community Visitor from the Office of the Public Advocate. An advocate from the Youth Disability Advocacy Service might be able to help you.

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