How much do I have to pay to I live in a Community Residential Unit (CRU)?

If you live in a Community Residential Unit (CRU), you usually have to pay money to live there. This money is called a ‘residential charge’. This money usually goes to the disability organisation that runs your CRU.

The law does not say exactly how much your residential charge should be. The law does say that your residential charge can depend on these things:

  • The cost of things that you get while you are living there. For example the cost of gas, electricity, water, food and help from support workers. Usually, the government pays some of the money for these things and the people living in the CRU pay some too.
  • The cost of rent to live in your home.
  • How much money you get from your job or Disability Support Pension.
  • How good the building you live in is. Sometimes nicer buildings cost more.
  • How much other people pay to live in your CRU and other CRUs in the area.

The things that you pay for in your CRU should be written down on paper and given to you. This piece of paper is called your ‘residential statement’.

If you think tyour CRU is asking you to pay for things they shouldn’t, you can talk to the Disability Services Commissioner or Office of the Public Advocate for help.


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