When can somebody discriminate against me in housing because I have a disability?

You have the same rights to housing as everybody else. The law says that in most situations, your landlord or real estate can’t discriminate against you because you have a disability or medical condition.

However, the law also says that your landlord or real estate agent is allowed to discriminate against you in some situations. These situations are:

  • If your landlord or somebody in their family lives in the home that you would like to rent and only one, two or three people live there.
  • If the things you need to be able to live in the home would make your landlord lose too much of their money. (Remember that you have to pay for any reasonable changes to make the home meet your needs.)
  • If the house is there for people with a type disability that you do not have. For example, if a Community Residual Unit (CRU) is for people with autism, and you have spina bifida but not autism. In this case, the organisation that runs this CRU can tell you that you can’t live.

If you feel that your landlord or real estate agent is discriminating against you, and your situation does not match any of these, you can contact the Tenants Union of Victoria, Disability Discrimination Legal Service or Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission for more information and help. An advocate, for example from the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, can help you with this.

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