What is compulsory treatment?

Compulsory treatment is a form of treatment that you must have, whether you want it or not.  There are two circumstances where this might happen.

This might happen if you have broken the law. A court might say you must get treatment in a place called a residential treatment facility. If this happens, the laws says you must have a treatment plan.  This treatment plan must be reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). And the Senior Practitioner must check on your treatment.

You might also get compulsory treatment if you have an intellectual disability and live in a residential service (a home for people with disabilities). In this case, you may be placed under a Supervised Treatment Order.  This means you have less freedom. This can only happen if there is a risk you will seriously harm yourself or somebody else.  The law says that if this happens, you must have a treatment plan approved by VCAT, and supervised by the Senior Practitioner.  You can apply to VCAT for a review of this order at any time.

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