What is a fit for work certificate (occupational health assessment) and when do I need to get one?

A fit for work certificate is a type of medical certificate (paperwork) from your doctor or healthcare professional that has information about your ability to work. It can also be called an ‘occupational health assessment’. It is something that your employer might need to do to look after your occupational health and safety at work.

Your employer can ask for a fit for work certificate if you have been away from work for a long time because you were sick or hurt. For example, if you were away because of chronic pain.

Your employer can also ask for a fit for work certificate if you have a disability or medical condition that might affect your or other workers’ health and safety. For example, if you have epilepsy, your employer might need to know that your seizures are controlled enough for you to work.

A fit for work certificate can also have ideas from your doctor about how to manage your disability or medical condition at work. For example, if you are going back to work after a back injury, your certificate might say that you must not lifting anything heavy at work.

If you have ideas about changes at work (reasonable adjustments) that would meet your needs, you can talk to your doctor when they write your fit for work certificate. If your health gets better or worse, you can ask your doctor for a new certificate. You and your employer must do the things that your doctor says on your fit to work certificate.

For more information about occupational health and safety laws at work, you can contact WorkSafe Victoria.

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