What protections are there against workplace bullying?

Video: What is workplace bullying, and what protections are there against it?

Workplace bullying is anything that people you work with say or do lots of times to make you feel hurt, scared or embarrassed. The law says that people can’t bully you at work. Some of the laws that can protect you from workplace bullying are:

  • Anti-discrimination laws. These laws say that it is wrong for people at work to bully you or treat you unfairly because of your disability, age, gender, culture, religion, sexuality, relationships, pregnancy or other things about you that have nothing to with doing your job properly.
  • Workplace safety/occupational health and safety (OH&S) laws. These laws say that your employer must protect your health and safety while you are at work. This includes protecting employees from feeling sad, scared or embarrassed when people they work with bully them.
  • Industrial relations laws. These laws are about the agreements between employers and people who work for them. If you are badly affected by bullying at work and need to take time off or leave your job, you can sometimes get compensation (money paid to you).
  • Changes to the law make some behaviours that might make you feel like you are being bullied a crime. These behaviours include:
    • Using words that upset you or make you feel bad when you can hear the other person;
    • Doing things that upsets you or make you feel bad when you can see the other person;
    • Overtly bullying you;

If any of these behaviours make you feel depressed, scared or suicidal that person has committed a crime and you should report it to the police.

If you are being bullied at work or are worried about somebody who might be being bullied, WorkSafe Victoria or your union can give you more information and help. If you are being bullied at work because you have a disability, you can also contact AED Legal Centre, Youth Disability Advocacy Service, Disability Discrimination Legal Service or Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission for more information and help.

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