What is workplace bullying?

Video: What is workplace bullying, and what protections are there against it?

Workplace bullying is anything that people you work with say or do to make you feel hurt, scared or embarrassed. The law says that people can’t bully you at work. Some examples of workplace bullying can be:

  • Pushing, shoving, tripping or grabbing you
  • Hurtful comments. For example, saying things about your disability, age, gender, culture, religion or sexuality to hurt your feelings
  • Making fun of the way that you move, talk or another thing about your disability
  • Sexual harassment. For example, this includes people talking about you in a sexual way or touching you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, even when you tell them to stop
  • Leaving you out of work activities on purpose
  • Ganging up on you with other people you work with
  • Lying or spreading rumours about you

These things can be done in person or through cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is bullying which uses things like emails, text messages, Facebook or Twitter to scare you, hurt your feelings or embarrass you.

Bullying is when people do these things many times. If your manager or co-worker does something one that upsets you, it might still be wrong, but it is not bullying. But it might be discrimination.

Getting in trouble (discipline) from your boss is different from workplace bullying. It can be OK if you do something wrong and your boss talks to you about it calmly, and without trying to embarrass you or make you look stupid in front of people you work with.

If you think you are being bullied at work, you can get help. You can contact your union, WorkSafe Victoria, or the Youth Disability Advocacy Service for help.

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