What does the law say about being schooled at home?

Video: What does the law say about being schooled at home? 

The law says you that if you or your parent decide you want to stop going to school, you can be educated at home instead. But the law says that if you are under 17 years old and don’t go to school, you have to register for something called ‘homeschooling’. To do homeschooling you have to apply and be registered with the government. If your parents want to teach you, they must get permission and meet certain standards.

Another option is that you can enrol in Distance Education. This means that qualified teachers are still teaching you, but you don’t travel to a school for classes.

Many students with disabilities find that schools tell to them or their parents to stop going to school and get an education at home. This is your decision. But remember that nobody can force you to do this. Every school must give you the disability support and education you need to go there if you want to.

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