Do I have to go to school if I don’t want to?

Video: Do I have to go to school if I don’t want to?

In Victoria, you must stay in school or other training until you are 17 years old. In some special situations, if you are 17, you can work instead. If you are under 17, you can’t just stop going to school without registering to learn in some other way (like homeschooling or Distance Education).  In Victoria the Education and Training Reform Act is a law that says your parents can be charged with breaking the law if they do not send you to school.

If there is a reason that you can’t go to school, you need to make sure your school knows about it so no one gets into trouble. For example, if you are sick for a long time and can’t go to school, you will need to tell your school.

If you are 17 years old or older, you don’t need to go to school if you don’t want to.

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