What is the Office of the Public Advocate?

What do they do?

The Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) receives complaints about:

  • Disability services
  • How you are being treated by other people
  • Government departments and agencies

OPA investigates complaints, and works to find a solution that is the best for you.

OPA also does things that aren’t about complaints. This includes:

Are there complaints OPA can’t consider?

OPA won’t take complaints that can be heard by other complaints-handling bodies or services such as:

  • Disability Services Commissioner
  • Health Services Commissioner
  • Mental Health Review Board
  • Ombudsman Victoria
  • The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

What powers do they have?

OPA can get involved when someone with a disability might be being abused or not looked after properly.  If OPA tries to investigate, and the people accused of doing the wrong thing try to stop them, OPA can ask VCAT for an order to either act as guardian or get the police involved.

Getting help with this

Level 1 204 Lygon Street Carlton Victoria 3053
Phone:1300 309 337
Fax: 1300 787 510
TTY: 1300 305 612
Website: http://www.publicadvocate.vic.gov.au/