What choices can I make about my disability services?

You have a right to make choices about the disability services and how you use them. This right is protected by a law called the Disability Act.

Choices about planning and support

You have the right to make your own plans for your life. These plans include your goals, how you would like to achieve them, who will help you and how they will help you.  Your family, carers, or other people can be involved if you want them to.  But you can choose not to have them involved. The focus must be on you deciding what is right for you.

You can decide what type of services you need, and when you want to use them.  You can decide if you want to use one organisation or another one. Government programs that give you these choices include Individual Support Packages and the Futures for Young Adults Program.

Disability services can help you with choices about planning, but they should not make all the choices for you. You should be supported in learning the skills to make plans for yourself.

Choices about funding

These choices let you having funding (money) which is connected to you, your plan, your situation and your needs.  You can choose how the funding is used and managed.  That means that you can choose who looks after the money and pays your bills.

The funding might be paid to you – that is called self-managed funding.  You would have to keep records to show how the money was used for your plan.

The funding might be given someone else to manage for you.  This person would then pay your bills, and keep records. There are some people who the government can pay to do this for you.