What are my rights in disability services?

When you communicate with or use a disability service, you have rights. These rights are listed below. They give you an idea how people should treat you.

Understanding the service

You have a right to get information about the service, and who can use it. The service must have rules that you can understand, and they must tell you these rules.

Your beliefs and opinions

The service must show you respect, and must respect the things that are important to you.  That does not mean that every person has to agree with you. But it does mean that people who provide a service to you must respect that you have opinions and beliefs.

Your wishes

When you access a service, you must be able to have a say in what you want, and the service provider must listen.  They may not be able to give you everything you want, but they must respect that you want it.

Your privacy

Service providers should respect that things you tell them are sometimes very personal and private.  They should respect your privacy, and not tell other people your personal information.  You have a right to privacy when it comes to very personal situations, like using the toilet, having a shower or getting dressed.  You have a right to decide who can be there when you are in a personal situation like this.

Joining in

You have a right to do things with other people in your community.  You have a right to do this in a way that suits you, and to do things that interest you. You have a right to make friends and other relationships, and spend time with people who are important to you. If you are using a disability service, they must help you to learn skills that help you join in with activities in the community.

Speaking up

You have a right to say if you are not happy with the way things are. You have a right for the service to help you complain and take you seriously.  They must listen to you, and try to fix the problem.

If you and the service provider can’t agree on a way to fix the problem, they must tell you who else you can go to for help.  This might be an advocate, or the Disability Services Commissioner.

Quality service

Your disability service must do the right thing. This means they must meet all of their responsibilities We have made a list of these responsibilities.

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