Can I choose or change the disability service providers for my Individual Support Package (ISP)?

Yes you can choose who provides your disability services for your Individual Support Package (ISP). You can choose a service that is available to the general community, or a service that is just for people with disabilities. You can also change your mind. You don’t have to keep using an organisation you are not happy with.  If you change your mind, you need to ask for a review of your ISP.

You might want to change organisations because:

  • The services they offer have changed, and don’t suit you anymore
  • Your needs have changed
  • You thought the service would offer something different
  • Something has happened that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable

If you are not sure what to do, there are a few options to choose from:

  • Talk to the disability service provider about your concern. They might be able to change things so it’s better for you
  • Talk to an advocate who might be able to help you work things out with the provider
  • Talk to your case manager about finding a different service
  • Think about complaining to the Office of the Disability Services Commissioner if you feel your rights have not been respected.