Who can Centrelink help?

Centrelink can sometimes help the following groups of people:

  • People with disabilities
  • Carers of people with disabilities
  • Parents and carers of children who depend on them
  • People who don’t have a job, or don’t work much, and are looking for work
  • Young people who are studying or looking for work
  • Older people who have stopped working (retired people)
  • Students
  • People who are affected by natural disasters, or big personal problems like people at home hurting them
  • Carers of older people

Getting help with this

PO Box 30, Abbotsford, Vic, 3067
Phone: 9481 0355
Email: info@ssrv.org.au
Website: http://www.ssrv.org.au/

Reply Paid 7800, Canberra BC, ACT 2610
Fax: 1300 786 102
Website: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/