What is a Pensioner Concession Card and who can get one?

A Pensioner Concession Card comes from the Department of Human Services. People who have this card can pay less for some medicine, some healthcare costs (like doctor’s appointments), public transport, some bills and some other things.

If you get some types of pension (payments) from Centrelink, you will be given a Pensioner Concession Card without having to do anything extra. For example, you will get one if you also get the Disability Support Pension.

You have rights which should be respected when you are dealing with Centrelink. If you disagree with a decision Centrelink makes about you and the Pensioner Concession Card, there are things you can do. There are also things you can do if your have been treated badly by Centrelink. For help and information, you can contact Social Security Rights Victoria.


Getting help with this

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