What are the possible effects on Centrelink payments if I increase my independence?

Video: What are the possible effects on Centrelink payments if I increase my independence?

As you become a young adult and get more independent, this might affect what you are able to get from Centrelink. Centrelink gives some people money (called payments) to help them with challenges in their life. Examples of these payments include Disability Support Pension, Youth Allowance and Mobility Allowance.

Some things might mean you stop getting payments, or get a smaller payment. Some things mean you can start getting payments, or get bigger payments. There are lots of things that happen as you get more independent that might change your payments. Examples include:

  • Moving out of your family’s home
  • Getting a job or making more money
  • Leaving school
  • Starting or finishing education or training (like TAFE or university)
  • Having a partner
  • Having children

Centrelink might decide that they think you are independent, and offer you more benefits. When deciding if you are independent Centrelink will think about things like:

  • Whether you are in a long-term relationship
  • How old you are
  • If you have children
  • How much money you earn
  • Whether it is safe for you to live at your family’s home
  • Whether you can work
  • Whether your parents can look after you

If things like this change in your life, you need to tell Centrelink. If you don’t tell Centrelink, you could might miss out on money you could be get. Or you could end up in trouble for getting more money than you should. This could mean you have to pay money back or even get in trouble from the law.

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